Welcome to theSPIRITFEED.com!

Hello Friend,

Welcome to theSPIRITFEED!  My name is Lucas Halley and I am a husband, father and a follower of Jesus.  Here at theSPIRITFEED we are dedicated to do just what the name implies – to feed our spirits.  Every human is made of up 7 areas of wellness and all of these areas need to be balanced in order for us to have all around health and happiness in our lives.  These areas are social, emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, physical and of course SPIRITUAL! 

If your beliefs are similar to mine then you may have an inkling that the our spirits or souls existed before we did here on this big beautiful rock. For this reason I would argue that the spirit should be placed first in the order of priority-focus. If we get the spirit right and healthy then the other physical components will aptly follow as designed and created.

What can I expect at theSPIRITFEED.com?

Great question! My hope is that we can start and maintain a conversation about life and love while keeping the Gospel message of Jesus at the center of the conversation. theSPIRITFEED is to serve as a “retreat” of sorts. Our mission is to always create a vibrant community united for helping one another. We will do this through open forums, healthy & relevant content and alignment with causes that benefit a greater world for us now and our children in the future.